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Hobbit Hole - Art Print - Inspired by Tolkein's The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings / The Shire

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Hobbit holes sound like wonderful places to live. This print came about in a peculiar fashion. It started off as a sketch on a post it note while I was planning an embroidery gift for a friend who loves all things Tolkein and Lord of the RIngs. Personally, I adore the Hobbits, and especially the Hobbits of the Shire. So I embroidered a hobbit hole and after it was done, I looked at the line drawing I had started with and started.... filling it in. Many, many hours of grass later, I present to you this illustration of a Hobbit Hole (inspired by Bag End, but not necessarily Bag End). This listing is for an art print in either A4, or A5. This would make a gorgeous gift for any Tolkein lover!

It is a vibrant digital art illustration printed onto 230 gsm Archival Matte paper to ensure a quality print. This item is unframed.