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Attitude - Enamel Pin - Neil Josten - All For the Game/The Foxhole Court by Nora Sakavik

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"I have a bit of an attitude problem."

A shiny enamel pin inspired by the All for The Game series by Nora Sakavik. Part of a limited collection.

Pin is Exy Orange and inspired by his obsession with Exy and apparently saying things he shouldn't. The pin is a rectangle of Foxes Orange with the silhouette of Neil and his Exy stick in black nickel and the quote "I have a bit of an attitude problem". If you're looking for a quote that sums up Neil, I think this should definitely be on the list!

This pin is black nickel backed, 35mm in size (width) with a black rubber clutch. This one is part of a trio of Neil, Andrew and Kevin pins that look snazzy together.

Grading System:

Grade A - Practically Perfect - minor, if any flaws (SOLD OUT)

Grade B - Visible but minor flaws - Imperfect pins - e,g discolouration of the metal, dents in the enamel, slight scratching ect

Grade C - Damaged pins - Deep scratches, missing enamel, very visible flaws (SOLD OUT)