About Me!

Hello Starlets!

I'm Bea and I'm the sort who has their head firmly in the clouds! I create bookish illustrations and themed items from my home in Oxfordshire, UK and I spend far too much time doodling on the corner of notepads!

I am always up for book-chat, and ideas of what else to doodle/draw/create. If I am not reading, drawing/painting or knitting, I am probably playing Animal Crossing. 

Readers and dreamers are my kind of people, and I wanted to be able to share a little bit of the magic that reading has given me (and also provide an outlet for the pictures in my head to make their way into the wild. Be free images! Be free!)

I was the sort of kid that got nervous when the cereal box was put away because there was nothing to read at the breakfast table, and have morphed into a late-20s fantasy, sci fi and romance fan who always has a book (usually several) on the go, and a sketchbook in her pocket. 

Given my limited space, my artwork is predominantly digital, however I do sometimes indulge myself in a day of acrylics, or spend the weekend painting murals.